Importance of Beauty to Both Sexes

Males and Females have different definition of beauty. In all aspects, they are created different from each other. However they see beauty, both agrees that it is in fact important to our lives.

Beauty is one thing which people anywhere is concerned of thus are trying to attain always. Especially for women, beauty is everything. It is woman nature to always beautify them. You will find very few ladies who don’t care about beauty. It is probably considered as the lifeblood of womanhood. Though not everyone is given the physical elegance, most women do their best to be beautiful from inside out. Different generations have passed yet beauty is a woman’s top priority. Regardless of the gender, beauty has played vital importance to any human being. Learn the reasons why beauty is important to man.

Understanding these reasons shall make you see it’s a perfect idea to just anyone to consider it important. Below are the usual significance of maintaining beautiful regardless your age or gender.

1. It gives you a god feeling of yourself. Physical appearance has always been regarded as one of the differentiators of people in the society. Anything beautiful is likely to succeed any career or endeavour being explored. In a job interview, for instance, it can be common to have several intelligent and smart applicants but it is rare to find a pretty and smart applicant. Whatever the job applied for is, beauty is a factor to get that job. In almost any industry, when you are beautiful you are most likely to get a job done. People react favourable to beautiful entities hence charm added to intelligence is indeed a “wow” factor. If you look good, you can always feel good about yourself. In getting a career, that’s the most important perception towards oneself.

2. It boosts self esteem. When you believe that looking good is feeling good, your confidence level will be as high as the salary that anyone can get for a job. That makes a lot of difference; to be confident of yourself. When you are confident about yourself, your outlook in life is impacted. The moment you see yourself as beautiful, your self esteem is telling you that you can do just everything thus you become successful in everything you do. Your outlook can always be reflected with people interaction.

3. It makes you the center of attention. It is a natural instinct to desire attention from other people. May it be at school or at work, even at home, we feel good when we know that we have people’s attention. Whether you like it or not, when you are beautiful, you attract attention. That realization will absolutely make you feel good about yourself.

4. It provides you self-pride. Nothing is wrong to feel that you are taking pride of your beautiful look as long as you are not mean about it. When you are beautiful, not only that you make others proud of you but most importantly, it makes you proud of yourself. Self motivation is the greatest motivation someone can achieve. Other people may always be there to boost your feelings toward your own actions but the most powerful motivator of positive actions towards our work or simple activities is us.

Understanding these reasons why beauty is important should make you realize that anyone can be beautiful. Indeed, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” We are what we feel we are.

Beauty Reboot

After years of working from the outside/in I currently believe that “true beauty starts from within” and my purpose in life is assisting women with developing their own internal beauty awareness. When you tap into the inner core essence of you, your true beauty will emerge effortlessly.

The next time you sit down at the vanity take a moment and turn within. Life is meant to be lived from the inside/out & know that whatever you see on the outside mirrors what’s going on inside. I’m sure when I say Beauty Reboot™ you might think I’m going to ask you to restyle your hair, freshen up your makeup & add some pizzazz to your wardrobe. Not that those things aren’t important but I’d like you to really delve into what beauty truly means. You see…beauty applies to all areas of one’s life. Beauty is not just about cosmetics, what you see when you look in the mirror or how another person defines your physical make. Beauty encompasses all areas of our lives. To think of beauty exclusively from a vanity prospective is an injustice. Beauty is involved in your daily tasks & is everywhere in the world around you. You must open your eyes & open your mind to experience it all.

Uncomfortable + Growth X Progress = Transformation

The most dangerous place for a woman to be…nestled in her comfort zone…

If you make a conscious decision to stay there you will never be who you were meant to be which in my opinion is drop dead ugly. Why not make a conscious effort to bring the beauty back in your life. No matter what it takes to push forward. No matter how hard it may have been in the past. Now is the time to move out of your comfort zone.

What do you think has been holding you back? This might be hard to hear but you have to get over your own limiting thoughts, insecurities & fears. Not thinking big enough? STOP…You have to instill a new way of thinking & a new way of seeing yourself in your mind, body & total being to Live Full Out…

I am not talking about an Extreme Make Over but a Beauty Reboot™. You have the right to be what you’ve always wanted to be. Do you remember when you were a little you believed you could have it all. I think it’s a great idea for all of us to tap into that little girl that wanted to conquer the world.

The grown up in you may feel it’s a fantasy or a dream that can’t come true but I’m here to tell you, it can if you stop hiding and playing small. Step up and declare “I deserve all the beauty life has to offer”

If you don’t think you’re beautiful it’s time to let that go & focus on your assets. It you feel your life would be different if you knew you were beautiful then start filling your head with beautiful thoughts. A great affirmation is “I am beautiful in mind, body & soul”. Over time you will start to know yourself as beautiful, and consequentially you will see that that your life can be beautiful & you will be focused to bring all the beauty to fruition. It’s not to say you want have to deal with any ugly stuff. That’s part of life but you’ll be better equipped once you reboot.

You will take your imperfections, shortcomings, mistakes, obstacles, flaws & allow them to further propel you in ways you never imagined. When you give yourself a Beauty Reboot™ you are going to give way to a better mind, a better body & a better life…You will be living your best life now because you refused to settle for the ugly stuff!

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Beauty Introduction

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There’s nothing more fun than playing with make-up, lotions, and potions. Our beauty articles help you explore healthy and natural options for beauty problems. We love bringing you articles about solving beauty problems and helpful tips for beauty care. In the last section, you’ll find a collection of our most popular tips and recipes.

The Definition of Beauty

The definition of beauty is taken from both individual and social perspectives. Some people define beauty as characteristics related to outer beauty such as complexion, health, youthful appearance and facial symmetry. Beauty however is a mixture of both inner and outer aspects of beauty. Characteristics of a person, such as their personality, their politeness, their integrity, their elegance, their charisma, their intelligence and their grace can be considered as aspects of inner beauty. These aspects define what inner beauty is, and are factors that can be felt and sensed when the person is around, and not just perceived by the eyes alone.

Culture also dictates the standards of beauty and is constantly changing. The concept of beauty has changed from curvaceous women in the past to the skinny ones of today. Regardless of this, it is still up to the individual person to define and judge what is beautiful. The adage “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” rings true in that what is beautiful for you is not necessarily beautiful for another, it is akin to the saying “one man’s drink is another man’s poison”.

The inner attributes of a person must be of high quality for the person to be considered truly beautiful. The person’s ability to warm anothers heart, place a smile on someone’s face definitely shows the characteristics of one who has inner beauty. The criteria therefore to judge a person’s inner beauty is his or her level of sensitivity, compassion, tenderness, intelligence and creativity. These qualities of inner beauty are indeed powerful for they can exceed the person’s outer features.

Nonetheless, how to achieve beauty in both inner and outer beauty is very important to a person. Therefore even though one is kind, true and loyal, it is still important to know how one looks physically. It is not just how pretty you dress up to be beautiful, but you also need to have a healthy lifestyle since sickness can affect you sooner or later. One should also prepare one’s overall appearance before socializing in the world, for people that we have never met will always judge us on a first impression on our physical appearance.

In summary, put on your best smile and comb your hair and iron your clothes. Wear something dignified that makes you feel comfortable at the same time. You have to love yourself for who you are before anyone else can love you. You must be attracted to yourself before you can attract attraction. Knowing this you must also accessorize your new beauty with kindness, and tenderness, integrity and compassion.

Black Beauty Standards

The black is beautiful movement has gone a long way towards reminding us that black beauty standards are as worthy of being respected and loved as any other skin color. And here’s a deep Truth (and by deep Truth I mean a truth that holds true for all cultures, for all people through all periods of time, in other words it doesn’t change according to some or other societal whim) – we are all beautiful Sacred Beings regardless of our body size or shape or it’s exterior color. Now those beauty standards are ones I can buy into!

Black beauty standards in rural Africa

I grew up, a White small country girl, in apartheid South Africa – a place where by far the majority of the population is Black. One vacation I came home from boarding school to be greated by Violet who wrapped me in her big black arms, and chortled with delight, “Utyebile kakulu ngoku!” In English she was telling me that I was very fat now. I was devastated – after all, I had gained weight but I desperately wanted to be thin. It would take me years to realize that Violet was complimenting me – her black beauty standards were very different to mine.

Part of the beauty standards in Violet’s rural Xhosa culture of the 1970’s when she passed this comment, is that ‘fat is beautiful.’ To be large in her culture was considered desirable and beautiful. It meant: you were healthy, you didn’t have AIDS. It meant you were fertile, sexy and womanly enough to attract a good husband – one who is wealthy enough to provide well. It meant you were wealthy enough to eat well.

The media and black beauty standards

What I remember most about Violet (and the other Black women who I came into daily contact with) was that they never questioned that black is beautiful – they weren’t immersed in a mainstream Western media that seems to rank skin colors and body sizes as supposedly more valued and worthy the whiter and skinnier you are.

How can any one skin color, or one body size or shape determine a person’s worth? Why would our great Creator create any one race or culture to be more Sacred than another? That’s all just nonsensical beauty standards made up by misguided humans.

Violet was my black beauty standard

I can still clearly see Violet’s ebony skin – it had a glow to it that was almost iridescent. And when she smiled (which was often) she had this row of startling white teeth all without the latest teeth whiteners. They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder – I loved Violet’s blackness. White wouldn’t have suited her. I loved the way she walked, tall and proud. She could balance a bucket of water on her head and walk as gracefully as a dancer.

And she made me laugh – like the one time she came across me sun-tanning and teased me about how I liked black so much that I was trying to get the sun to help me. And when I started perming my hair and she asked me why I wanted curly hair like hers.

Here’s what I think is so sensible about rural Black African women. Firstly, they don’t have scales they hop on and off of and that determine their mood for the day. They don’t swarm to shops bursting at the seams with the latest one-0-size-fits-all fashions. They don’t have mirrors that lie telling they are fat and ugly. They don’t spend hours on magazines and tv that continually bombards them with the message that only a certain shape of thin is beautiful. Their beauty standards are far more realistic.

Beauty standards can determine our stress levels

Instead they live in tune with the rhythms of the seasons and their bodies. Violet didn’t have the ongoing emotional stress of living in a large body which was continually insulted, stigmatized, hated or rejected either by themselves or others. This means her parasympathetic nervous system wasn’t constantly releasing stress chemicals (like noradrenaline, adrenaline and cortisol) into their bloodstream which would raise their health risks.

And interestingly enough, the Royal College of Physicians official medical report of 1983 found that rural Black South African women might well have a high prevalence of obesity but that it comes without the apparently inevitable poor morbidity and mortality. Makes you think about the value of living in sync with natural rhythms, rather than stressing about being skinny – doesn’t it?

Because they are immersed in their big is beautiful black beauty standards, they feel good living in their bodies. They’re thus continually flooding their biolological system with life-supporting molecules of emotion (like endorphics) that enhance their immune systems, and enhance their health.