About me

I am a professional freelance writer who has more than twenty years experience who lives in Inglewood, California. I work in Gardena, California as a part-time older persons volunteer to that city of Gardena, California. In addition, I know Georg W.F. Hegel, Baruch Spinoza, and love that the works of Dr. Robert Anthony (I met several years ago at a seminar with my Mom, not a wonderful guy, but a superbly effective doctrine ). A little more about myself, nevertheless, life has made me a profound and
detailed honest thinker and integrated activity taker as a whole. And I approach my life since a fair professional and no other way. I obtained that facet of myself in my Father who approached life exactly the very same way, with honesty, dignity, and
professionalism. Sure there is more for me than this, but that entails my fundamental method of life. Honesty and rationality will be my primary keywords and I will use them in the four to seven keywords which describe me and my uniqueness. Within my writing, reality, honesty, and applicability is key in every genuine and honestly intellectual favorable action-oriented way. I’ll sum it
up at a very loose, colloquial way with a little slang: “If it is not good, ” I really don’t write it” Sure, it looks like a crude way of setting it until you understand the circumstance of this and also the thickness of how after all it. Sure, the S Lang may seem like Garth Hudson throwing his classical audio career on roll and rock. They could punch through probably the many healing artistry.” That is the way I think of what I do at the brief, and that I love it in the most genuine way, that is exactly what counts. I punch through the most powerful, healing, honest material and writing in every way.

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